Being good at what you do sometimes isn’t good enough

Somehow you have to get yourself in front of potential customers, but they always seem to have a line of existing suppliers queuing up outside their door.

So what’s going to make you different? How are are you going to get that order?

Try asking yourself these seven questions to find your USP:

  1. Why would a potential customer choose you – are you any good at what you do, or is it all about price?
  2. Do you collect evidence about what you do and communicate it on your website and in quotes?
  3. How well have you researched your customers and do you really know what they do?
  4. Do you understand the bidding process and what the client is looking for?
  5. Can you identify the gaps in your business that are stopping you from winning work?
  6. Are you devoting sufficient time and resources to the work winning process?
  7. How do clients know about you, or even know you exist?

If you can answer these questions positively you’re on your way to delivering what your prospects need. If not, have a look around for some help.