ABC Commercial Services


Making Business Easier

ABC represent a new generation of business experts who recognise the evolution of business. We promote the correct processes, procedures and ideologies now available to support businesses and their owners in very difficult economic times.

The Partners and Exclusive Consultants of ABC are highly respected individuals and our respective practices facilitate the specific business disciplines of this site. The bedrock of ABC is recovery, turnaround, management and growth. We recognise the need for the right support in other specialist areas because any scenario may require the support of more than one specialist.

Our partners endorse our philosophies by protecting the business owner first. This negates you searching the internet for help, without any certainty that you will receive best advice that is in your interests with fully compliant service providers.

The purpose is to provide a process of business requirements advising the business owner to ensure they have a greater knowledge of what options are available to them. We have a best advice model without bias or preference to any solution or process.

With our best advice model, we offer more than one solution or strategy to a problem. We clearly explain the outcomes and why you should or shouldn’t take any particular route. Any short term strategy will have a longer term exit strategy which is why we concentrate on growth and recovery. Purely focusing on the history will have a detrimental effect on the future. Alternatively just focusing on the future without understanding what is required to reach those targets and objectives may mean you never get there.

Our team includes current qualified business owners and directors who interact with each other to share knowledge to ensure other business owners succeed. We can draw upon our own experiences and those of our clients over the years to empathise with you. Furthermore the partners review our own networks of clients and strategic partners to bring other businesses enabling them to prosper from our introductions.

Collectively we have over 50 years’ experience in the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Retail, Hotel & Leisure
  • Property
  • Financial & Legal

We offer a FREE, no obligation Company Health Check, if you would like to know more please click here. To ask us a question or find out more about our services and how we can help you grow your business please call 0114 3278692.