Five of the best

We’re delighted to announce that the Sheffex Good Causes in June 2014 will be: Cathedral Archer Project, South Yorkshire Community Foundation, Sheffield Childrens Hospital Charity, Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, and Yorkshire Air Ambulance

A difficult choice

The decision making process was made all the more difficult by having over twenty applications from all sorts of organisations, each with their own reasons for making the world a better place, and why they would benefit from exhibiting at Sheffex.

Why do it at all?

It’s fair to say that we didn’t  know quite what to expect when we decided to offer up five exhibition stands for good causes. The principle behind the idea is to enable the good causes to connect with businesses on a transactional (i.e. business) level. We didn’t want to invite anyone to just to shake a tin and raise a few pounds.

The importance of fundraising has to be recognised since every good cause needs hard cash, not just goodwill. After all, the bills still need to be paid – and if there may be lots of volunteers they still incur the other expenses that a regular business needs to cover. An overflowing bucket of goodwill and contributions in kind only goes so far.

We wanted Sheffex to to encourage third sector organisations to get involved in an environment where they can get across their individual message to build corporate partnerships that benefit both sides of a transaction – just like a traditional business.

We think that there is a lot that the third sector can offer to businesses, from PR, employee development, citizenship, brand association, CSR… the list goes on.

What is given by them as part of that transaction is down to the two parties, but we think that we’ve chosen the five organisations that will benefit the most in 2014 from being at the event.

You’re invited to meet up with all of the Sheffex Good Causes and see how they can help YOUR business, not just how you can help them.