Video is the most powerful of media and the carefully considered use of its power can be bountiful, both initially and for a considerable period after production.

At B2-Bespoke Video we believe that each video should have an end goal and not just be a series of clips and interviews strung together.   Determining the exact purpose is the first stage in our process and from that end point we start crafting your videos. Any form of communication that is done badly is counter productive and we therefore not only have the professionals needed to produce first class videos at a reasonably cost we have the sales and marketing experience to craft your video for its main purpose.  

Promotional Videos are what most companies normally consider and of course we can offer this, but we have much more in our portfolio.

You may wish to consider Customer Testimonials and/or Staff Profiles.  These not only add a personal feel to the video they are also an opportunity to underline important selling points.

Our Unique TV Newsroom Style Videos allow you to keep in touch with existing and potential contacts in a cost effective but very professional modern format.

Training and Induction Videos are now a consideration for all aspects of education for staff and ancillary workers.  For example an Induction video not only covers all the points that should be raised but it is a platform with an audit trail to show it has been covered and acknowledge by the recipient.

These days videos do not just sit on your website they can be working for you on whatever Social Media outlet you consider appropriate.  Links to your video can be simply emailed to contacts on your database or to any individual enquiry. Hard copies can also be distributed, as well as played on a screen, at suitable events or in your reception area.