Connect Gazelles


Connect Gazelles – by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

Connect Gazelles is a unique and exclusive not-for-profit business support group for ambitious entrepreneurs to have direct access to many of Yorkshire’s leading entrepreneurs, our Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs), for superb mentoring, support and advice; it’s an inside track for successful business growth.

Our Mission:

“We believe that people who create and build businesses are the most important people in the world. Our mission is to help and inspire those ambitious entrepreneurs in Yorkshire to grow successful businesses by enabling them to learn from business people who have been there and done it.”

Our highly experienced entrepreneurs, our Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs), give time and considerable expertise for free to support growing businesses and nurture emerging talent to help companies prosper, creating wealth, jobs and opportunities across the Yorkshire region. This is an invaluable environment for like-minded individuals to discuss and resolve issues and help develop their propositions for greater success.

There is a Connect Gazelle group which operates in the South Region of Yorkshire and a group which operates in the West and North Regions of Yorkshire.

For more information about the gazelles, please call: 0113 384 5640 or email