“It’s about time” somebody said to me yesterday.

They went on to explain that they live their life on their mobile phone (because they are under 30!) and they hardly ever used a big computer screen.

We’ve been working on the app with Paul Scriven (yes, that one) of Apps2Connect for a while. We wanted to make sure that it incorporated the essential action features, namely delegate registration, stand bookings and news. We figured that anyone who downloaded the SheffEX app would have an idea of what the SheffEX is so we didn’t need to have endless ‘about us’ pages or other page fillers.

At the last SheffEX quite a few exhibitors asked if they could reach out to delegates, so we’ve also incorporated a deals area that contains special offers from a variety of companies. Take a look, there could be something that takes your fancy and you might save yourself a few pounds at the same time.

Then there’s the news feed where you can read all the items that are posted in the news section at sheffex.com.

Finally, there are the usual contact, maps, etc that you’d expect to find.

A few more functions will be launched before the big day, all aimed at streamlining your experience while in the exhibition hall and simplifying follow ups afterwards.

The mobile app is available for Android, iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded from today from the Google Play Store and iTunes by searching for SheffEX.

Android mobile app

iOS mobile app