Element Safety

Providing the highest standard of consultancy, rescue cover and training in the UK

We provide safe access and rescue cover for people & companies who need to work in any environment.

Consultancy: Site visit – provide a written report including a risk assessment, safe system of work and the requirement for training, equipment or a safety/rescue team.

Rescue: Our safety/rescue teams will get you where you need to be, keep you safe while you’re there and make sure you get back out, no matter what happens!

Training:  Bespoke training to suit your needs, your equipment and your specific work environment – delivered at our training centre or at your working location / site.

Sales and hire: The right equipment, serviced and certified for sale or hire.

Working at height: Internal, external, natural or structural (including above water and in confined spaces).

Water: Over, on, in or under (including swift water and water in confined spaces).

Confined spaces: In whatever form, including technical rope access and under water.

If you need to work in a challenging environment then you need Element Safety because our job is to keep you safe while you do yours.

The People: When working in hazardous areas you need the right people to get you there, keep you safe and, in an emergency situation, get you back out. Why trust your safety to amateurs, who will do their best until the professionals arrive, when you could just use the professionals?

The Skills: Our safety and rescue teams are highly skilled and qualified in all areas of safe access and specialist rescue. So, when you choose Element Safety you are not just ticking a box, you are benefiting from the knowledge, skill and experience of highly qualified rescue professionals.

The Experience: From backgrounds in sport climbing, caving and cave diving our team leaders and principle members progressed to rescue work in the emergency services. They have decades of experience in maintaining safety and performing rescues in some of the most challenging and dangerous locations.


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