Its not just the cost of the stand, its the time out of the office, things to put on the stand and oh, the pain of chasing up the contacts afterwards (and the remorse when you don’t actually find the time to do it)

So, why bother? In this blog I’m going to give you just two (there are more) very good reasons to make the effort:

Visibility = Credibility

32821630_lExhibiting shows off your brand – it says that you have the finances and confidence to exhibit, it gives your brand the chance to been seen in the right light. It is a fact that the more people see a brand the more they trust it, people are comfortable buying from a known brand and the only way to be a known name is to get out there (Apple spent $933m on advertising last year because they know it works!)

Market Research


People are most reactive when they are face-to-face (you can not re-write a conversation like you can an email) so you can truly see how they feel when you explain who you are and what you do – are they interested in certain parts and not others – maybe you need to tweak your portfolio?

Can your staff on your stand interact in the right way and do they know their stuff – maybe you need to tweak your training?

And the big bonus is if a competitor is exhibiting! This is a priceless insight into what services or products they are backing for the future – what does their brand look like, can you compete?

..two very good reasons to go to the effort of exhibiting, there are loads of other reasons such as ..supporting local business, networking with like minded companies…. I would love to hear any reasons you may have and case studies for exhibiting, or any good reasons you have for not?