Exhibitor blog by Marisa Thompson of Identity Merchandise 

The initial investment into booking the stand is just the start of it – you want to meet your objectives for exhibiting (to meet new customers), these people will milling around the exhibition and believe me “milling around”  probably sounds too pro-active for most visitors…what is it with people (especially the British)?

People walk around exhibitions  – they catch the eye of the exhibitor and… they walk away, too shy, too British to go over and say “Hi, I’ve invested the time to come to this exhibition, you have invested the time and money to exhibit, lets see if we can do business, maybe you can save me time, money and effort?”

An ice breaker is needed…and there it is….why all of these large organisation use promotional products….to break the ice!

When the exhibitor says “Hi, can I give you a pen / bag to carry your things / a mug for when you get to the office” it is hard for the customer to walk away because A) they will probably want to take what’s on offer, and B) We are too polite to be mean and walk away from a lovely person who has just offered us something!

That is the magic of promotional products, they work amazingly at exhibitions to get the footfall onto your stand and break the ice but after that the customer takes the item with them so they have a reminder of the meeting, when you make contact the next time, you will be remembered in a really positive way.

It really is the gift that keeps on giving – for the company that gave it!