Sheffield based IT company, AAG Systems, has been entrusted with the replacement of the Bibliographic hardware infrastructure, the hardware that is used to host the extensive back catalogue of literature in digital form, by independent publishing house, Faber & Faber – home to some of the most famous literary figures in the world.

“AAG Systems was already trusted as our IT partner,” said Roy Smith, Systems Manager at Faber & Faber. “Their attention to detail, expertise and the ease with which we have worked with them were all key factors in making the decision to choose them for this critical task.”

The project entailed the complete replacement of Faber & Faber’s long evolved Bibliographic hardware with a state of the art hardware. This will reduce management time involved in administering the data held by the publishing firm. Faber & Faber’s Bibliographic data will be transferred into the new system.

After careful analysis, AAG elected to virtualise the system, giving Faber & Faber higher availability and the security of instant failover. The large SQL database, containing the bibliographic and data management information was assigned to a high end server and paired with an extensive backup and a complete disaster recovery plan.

As Matt Shore explained, “After undertaking an extensive infrastructure audit, we were able to identify several key improvements that would balance budget against performance and result in a faster and more capable system, as well as boosting reliability & resilience with a truly granular backup, permitting recovery of any part of the system. Our real-time monitoring software will also be able to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies before they become a problem, and Faber & Faber can now have the utmost confidence in their mission critical systems.”