For centuries people have had a fascination to view things from above.

Fish Eagle Films of Doncaster

Nothing has changed and that is why Fish Eagle Films offers that service for a host of clients that tap into this advantage for a fraction of the price.

Fish Eagle Films makes use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to capture those unique airborne camera video or photos shots. Forward thinking business people are seeing the advantage of using airborne platforms to get a different angle not usually seen or captured through the normal conventional lens.

Fish Eagle Films has been commissioned to do weddings, birthdays and many special events such as the Jetski National Championships. Property managers have seen the advantage of using us to capture photos and video of land and homes that they need to sell. Recently we were commissioned to do a large dance production held at The Cast Theatre in Doncaster. The options are limitless.

Need “blue sky” thinking, think no further than Fish Eagle Films to capture all your special memories or help give your business that edge.

Grant Roets


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