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We have been trading for fourteen years and have more than 4000 satisfied customers in IT Support in Sheffield and surrounding areas.  Please see our domestic pricing and business pricing pages.

Our IT Support Clients

Our IT Support clients benefit from peace of mind, knowing that problems will be solved promptly and at a reasonable cost. Our IT Support clients know that they can call as soon as a problem arises and receive a brief analysis of the severity of the issue immediately.

Fix It Yourself

Before you call us for IT Support, let’s see if something simple has gone wrong and then fix it yourself.

Symptom: No Internet. Often the broadband router needs restarting (not resetting!). Turn the router off and on again. Check the wireless switch on your laptop.

Symptom: Nothing on the PC screen. Triple check the video lead and power lead connections to the monitor. If the Caps Lock key “toggles” then the monitor may be faulty.

Symptom: Totally dead computer. Check the power switch on the back of the PC is turned on. Check that the computer IEC power lead is pushed fully home. Check that the monitor (screen) power and data leads are pushed fully home. Check that power is getting to the PC by using another mains powered device in the wall socket and see if it works. Try using another IEC mains lead – perhaps the fuse in the lead’s plug has blown. On a laptop, remove the power lead and battery, reassemble and restart.

Symptom: More than one beep when the PC starts up. Check that the mouse and keyboard connectors are pushed in fully. Check that internal cards and memory chips are seated correctly.

Symptom: Error “non system disk”. Take out USB memory sticks, camera memory cards, floppy disks and CDs from their drives. Check that internal hard disk leads are seated correctly. Restart the PC.
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