We’ve been in conversation with Mike Hague of idaq, the internet networks business based in Sheffield.

Why does Sheffield matter to idaq?

We are a Sheffield based company providing a service for local business. Idaq have our own Data Centre in Sheffield (Since 2008) and Idaq Networks was developed to deliver our high speed internet service – specifically to meet the demands and the market forces in Sheffield as a result of the failure of Digital Region.

What are your hopes,  ambitions or ideas for the future of the business?

Idaq Networks have invested heavily (privately funded) over the course of the last 18 months to develop our icnos network. We own and operate our own core network and we are completely independent of any carrier or Exchange.

In the last 12 months we have grown from 2 transmission sites, to 13 and are adding more almost on a monthly basis. We are the largest independent wireless carrier network in the area

Our hope is that our clients recognise us for delivering a standard and quality of service on every level, that has previously not been available through any other internet service provider.

We have an almost unique proposition with pricing and flexibility that no other service provider can offer. Our speed of deployment, cannot be matched, the quality of our service is exceptional and we provide a quality of service that absolutely cannot be found when using any National organisation (such as BT, Virgin etc.)

Our ambition is to be the supplier of choice for businesses in South Yorkshire that need high speed, high quality internet connectivity, rather than the generic ‘major players’ in the marketplace.

Ideas for the future: expanding our network reach into other parts of South Yorkshire and NE Derbyshire. We have some other plans and ideas, but unfortunately as you can probably appreciate, sometimes you need to play your cards close to your chest!

How has idaq benefitted from being at SheffEX?

Provides the opportunity to meet with both potential end users and partner companies; raising the profile of both icnos and idaq. As a result of the December exhibition, we  found a new reseller partner and the resultant business from that partnership has meant that the cost of our stand was quickly recouped

What has the firm got involved with recently that’s especially interesting?

The Broadband Voucher Scheme launched in the region on the 1st April: idaq networks had the first voucher in the region awarded under the scheme. Probably of even greater interest, is that due to our unique speed of deployment, we’ve also managed to have the first connected voucher (It’s no good having a voucher if you don’t get the service it pays for, delivered for months!)

Idaq Networks logoMike Hague is the Head of Sales & Marketing for idaq

www.idaq.com  www.idaqnetworks.com 0114 2562340  07734 362724  twitter.com/idaqnetworks twitter.com/idaqhosting

Idaq is the ‘Parent’ company and Idaq Networks is the sister company that has developed the high speed internet service, which we have brand named ‘icnos’.‘Idaq’ and ‘icnos’ are both registered Trade Marks