We’re looking to share great stories about you, and your business.

The Sheffield City Region has a population of around 2 million people and supports an economy of over £31 billion with an estimated 68,000 businesses large and small. It comprises business people from all walks of life, industries and backgrounds. Naturally they have very diverse interests and needs which go far beyond the SheffEX events so we’ve launched Sheff EXpress which combines company and people news with stories affecting business and industry alongside news about local developments and the economy.

We’d like to share stories with the SheffEX database that make us think, believe and understand. If you have something to share please submit your story for consideration in Sheff EXpress. We ask that it’s well written and interesting to as wide an audience as possible. It is distributed to 20,000 people in your peer group and we’re as keen as you are that you look good when you present yourself and your business to them.

Go to the Sheff EXpress web page and submit your story today.