Max-El Controls Limited is a Building Controls solutions provider, operating in the Yorkshire region and surrounding areas.

We specialise in offering high quality, cost effective and, above all, customer focused solutions for the ongoing support of systems installed on our clients’ sites. Services provided include the following;

– Turnkey system design and implementation
– Existing system expansion
– System improvement survey and implementation
– Energy efficiency auditing
– System performance analysis
– Integration of new technologies
– Planned preventative maintenance
– Reactive maintenance

Max-El Controls Limited is a building controls solutions provider.  We offer high quality, great value and, above all, customer focused support for a range of building control equipment and systems.  Max-El Controls Limited provide solutions for the full life cycle of our clients buildings, ensuring optimum levels of comfort, security and efficiency.

Engineers First

We believe that the value Max-El Controls Limited brings to our clients is measured by the performance of our engineering activities.  This is why we strive to build and grow our organisation on the engineering strengths of our personnel.  We believe that providing the best engineered solution for our customers is the best way develop and maintain a great controls company.

Customer Focus

It is by no accident that the word CUSTOMER appears frequently across the pages of this website.  This is because we know that by staying close to clients and focusing on the real needs of the people and organisations we work with is the way to differentiate ourselves in a busy marketplace.  Max-El Controls Limited will always do what is best for customers because this is what is best for us.

To get in touch with Max-El Controls Limited, please use the contact details below;

General Enquiries on 0800 0582460

Phone Wayne Smith on 07807 881927

Phone Gavin Maxfield on 07881 273868

Office Address: 60A Birley Moor Road,  Sheffield,  S12 4WD