Give yourself an edge with insights and learning from some of the region’s most inspirational and informative speakers at More Business Better Business

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We’ve gathered together some of the region’s most informed and inspirational speakers for SheffEX in December 2015.

Topics are varied but each of them has something interesting to say about topics as diverse as business communications to ensuring that you plan to get the most out of your business when you sell up or retire.


Confirmed Speakers

Mark Fitzmaurice & Kirsty Tagg of Dale Carnegie Training

Jay Bhayani of Bhayani HR and Employment Law

Shiraz Mirza of Sm3 Empowerment

Andy Jackson of Fusionex

Paul Rodgers of Cowens Employee Benefits

Peter Thornton Smith of

Raj Shah of Blue Wealth Capital

Jane Farndon of GiANT Worldwide

James Biggin of Steel City Marketing

Jay Bhayani

Jay Bhayani

MD of Bhayani HR and Employment Law

How to engage the employees you want to keep and how to lose the ones you don’t! Pt 2

With some employees, no matter what you do to engage them, they are simply not going to fit into your Business. Disengaged employees can cost you money and time. Jay will look at the common signs of a disengaged employee, ways in which you can discipline and dismiss, and alternative ways to end the employment relationship.

Jay Bhayani is a solicitor and the Managing Director of Bhayani HR & Employment Law, one of only a handful of niche law firms specialising in all aspects of HR and Employment Law.

Mark Fitzmaurice and Kirsty Tagg

Mark Fitzmaurice and Kirsty Tagg

Dale Carnegie

How to engage the employees you want to keep and how to lose the ones you don’t! Pt 1

64% of people say they have more to offer in skills and talent than they are currently being asked to demonstrate at work. What difference would happier and more engaged people make to your organisation? Recognising the compelling business case to take action and improve levels of engagement, Dale Carnegie will look at giving you take away practical tips and key actions to make a difference quickly.



Shiraz Mirza

Shiraz Mirza

Sm3 Empowerment

How to beat procrastination and be more efficient in life, starting today

Shiraz helps people achieve their personal and professional goals, by keeping the motivation, excitement and focus alive. I help people step out of their comfort zones and discover their hidden talents and abilities.

The talk will help you plot path to understanding the fear of failure and the limiting beliefs you have in all aspects of your life. It explains the reason we procrastinate and how to overcome it easily so we can all be, do and have the life we want to live.

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

Director Of Solutions at Fusionex

The Exponential Information Age

Pete Thornton-Smith

Pete Thornton-Smith

MD of

Convert Strangers into Clients or Contacts

Peter’s talk will show you how you can increase leads, conversions and fees from Traditional and Social Media Networking Strategies; NLP and Value Based Costing.

Pete operates in three business areas. Lightening the load of quality, H&S or environmental management systems, clearing the fog surrounding social media and introducing you to his network of fellow advisors.

Paul Rodgers

Paul Rodgers

Cowens Employee Benefits

Auto Enrolment: Top tips for a successful response

Paul explores the vital factors that employers need to understand when implementing and maintaining a compliant response to the obligations laid out in the new workplace pensions regime.

Paul is an expert advisor to employers on employee benefits matters, specialising in workplace pensions.

Raj Shah

Raj Shah

Blue Wealth Capital

How Much Money Is Enough Money?

Helping you to identify, achieve and maintain a desired lifestyle for life without fear of running out of money.

Raj is a Sheffield based financial planner working with ambitious business owners to help them achieve what they went into business for in the first place.

Jane Farndon

Jane Farndon

Partner and UK Trainer GiANT Worldwide

5 Gears – How to present and productive when there is never enough time What would it look like if you were be able to connect with people better? What would it look like if you were more productive? People the world over struggle with work/ life balance. It is difficult to be productive and manage the relational dynamics of staying connected with others, while consistently recharging personally. 5 Gears is a simple but powerful concept that has the ability to radically change the way you live and lead. Releasing potential and facilitating transformation are the key strands that have run through Jane’s Fardon’s leadership journey. She is no stranger to change, having had a diverse career that spans teaching in inner city London, to becoming one of the most highly qualified Image Consultant in the world and establishing 3 different businesses and now being a Partner and UK trainer for the GiANT Worldwide. She is never more fulfilled than when enabling an individual leader or a team to be all that they were made to be!

James Biggin

James Biggin

MD at Steel City

Recognising what to look for in your business, turning it around when things don’t go to plan & illustrating active flexibility

James’ talk will run over the recent history of the business, with a time line of key events that led to big changes in the family firm during the recession. Often difficult decisions, each one has led to where the business is today, performing well with a great team, established values and a company that survived and now thrives following the most testing time in its 35 year history.

James provides a personal, honest and open account, along with several tips and key lessons learnt along the journey.