Although idaq is a long established company and have been based in Sheffield for several years, we have remained largely unknown in the area. We also have an entirely new, exciting service to sell that is of specific interest to Sheffield businesses.

Our intention in exhibiting was therefore to generally raise the profile of idaq and specifically idaq networks, within the wider local business community.

We had a significant amount of footfall and made several very useful contacts as a result of our presence. As a result; we have formed a couple of very worthwhile business relationships as well as having gained at least one new reseller partnership, which has already resulted in a very early order for our service.

So; although it’s still relatively early for us to fully establish the full value of exhibiting, I have to say that so far, on the whole, it appears to have been very worthwhile and I’m sure that the event itself will only go from strength to strength.

By Mike Hague, Head of Sales & Marketing for idaq Networks


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