Nimbox builds products to ensure the future of the web is secure.

Ever since our 3 founders started working together from a humble shared office in Leeds, England, we have been designing and building a system that has security at its core, offering users the best defence for their data. Integral to this remains our ability to custom-build our own software and equipment, hosted and administered from the UK, giving us full control over our platform.

Thousands of people across the world now rely on our zero-knowledge services, for Windows, Mac, and Mobile — including banks, NGOs, governments, law firms and health care providers.

The internet was founded on a platform of freedom, now is the time to secure it.

We believe that if you choose to put something on the web, it should be safe, and only sharable when and how you want – without any fear of interception. Unfortunately, not everybody agrees with us. We live in a world that is full of people with no respect for your privacy. It’s time to stand up to them. Nimbox is pushing back against the tide of surveillance, criminality and oppression. We’re giving you the tools that you need to protect yourself online.

Whenever you deal with us, we aim to be completely transparent about the way that we work and the way that your data is stored and managed. Plus, you can always be sure that our leadership and team have an unshakeable belief in the work that we do, and we will never lose focus of why we started.