nuWorld Energy

A nuWorld of energy efficiency for your car, home or business

nuWorld Energy Ltd are working towards building a nuWorld of energy efficiency in all areas, from LED Lighting in shops and warehouses to Solar PV on our homes and schools to ultra low emission vehicles on our roads. We genuinely believe that if we all work together we can significantly help reduce man made carbon emissions that will eventually destroy our planet.

The ultimate by-product of reducing carbon emissions on a domestic and commercial basis is that the reduction in energy gives a significant reduction in energy costs… thus giving some extra pennies in our pockets.

Reduce before you Produce

Once we have reduced your energy consumption, we can start to look at producing your own energy through such technologies as Solar PV, Wind, Heat Pumps and other Renewable Energy Technologies.

Our method of reducing energy consumption and producing your own energy will ensure that you maximise your financial benefit and have the greatest effect on the environment.

Turning our roads green with electric

We are committed to promoting the transition from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles to the future of transport….. Electric Vehicles.

We understand that EV’s wont be suitable for everyone straight away, but we aim to educate people against the common mis-conceptions of EV’s and give them the chance to make an informed decision.

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