Revive & Refresh Workplace Massage Company

Energising your Employees : Boosting your Business

Revive & Refresh Workplace Massage Company

Providing short chair based, fully clothed productive massage breaks to enhance the performance of your employees and show them you care.

We help businesses to reward their employees in a way that makes them feel amazing, increases morale and productivity and decreases stress, tension, anxiety, depression and the related expense and inconvenience of absenteeism or indeed presenteeism.

We also advise on alternative ways of reducing stress and tension when we are not there including stress management, correct body alignment, stretching, meditation, breathing and relaxation exercises.

All in all a very cost effective and immediate way to reduce problems associated with stress at work.

Workplace Massage is incredibly powerful and effective but we understand “You have to Feel it to Believe it” so come along to our stand at Sheffex and try out our 10 minute re-energising massage break for yourself.

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