Roundabout was one of the good causes at the SheffEx event. As a smaller local charity we really do rely on the support of local businesses to help us continue running our services, so it was a wonderful opportunity to make the work that Roundabout does known to the Sheffield business community.

Up until a couple of years ago, Roundabout wasn’t heavily publicised as we relied on government funding to run our services, as our funding steadily gets cut we need to get the work that we do known to the people of Sheffield in order to gather support from those who may previously not have heard of us, so we are really grateful for events such as SheffEx which allow us to do this.

SheffEx has proved beneficial to us in that we have been offered support from a range of services, from offers of people interested in volunteering with Roundabout, to free cleaning services, college courses for our clients, free advertising and venues to hold events, as well as making several people aware of the work that Roundabout does who were previously unaware of us.

So thanks again, it was a very worthwhile day!