The speed limit of the majority of roads in and around Sheffield city centre will be reduced to 20 mph by the end of 2017. The move is designed to reduce vehicle pollution and improve road safety through increased cycling and walking.

The Council has confirmed that the consultation held earlier in the year was largely in favour from the 33 responses received. More details can be found on the Sheffield City Council website.

The roads affected are: Acorn St, Aldine Court, Allen St, Alma St, Andrew Lane, Angel St, Arundel Lane, Arundel St, Backfields, Bailey Lane, Bailey St, Baker’s Hill, Bakers Lane, Ball St, Balm Green, Bank St, Barker’s Pool, Beet St, Bells Square, Bethel Walk, Bishop St, Black Swan Walk, Blast Lane, Blonk St, Blue Boy St, Boden Lane, Bolton St, Bowden St, Bower Spring, Bowling Green St, Bridge St, Brittain St, Broad Lane Service Rd, Broad St West, Brocco Lane, Brocco St, Brook Drive, Brook Lane, Broom Green, Broomhall St, Broomspring Close, Broomspring Lane, Brown Lane, Brown St, Brownell St, Burgess St, Cadman Lane, Cambridge St, Campo Lane, Canning St, Carver Lane, Carver St, Castlegate, Castle Green, Castle Square, Castle St, Castlefolds, Cavendish Court, Cavendish St, Chapel Walk, Charles Lane, Charles St, Charlotte Lane, Charter Row, Charter Square, Chatham St, Church St, Clay Lane, Congress St, Convent Place, Convent Walk, Conway St, Copper St, Cornish St, Cotton Mill Row, Cotton St, Craven St, Cross Burgess St, Cross Smithfield, Cross Turner St, Cumberland St, Cupola, Daisy Walk, Devonshire Lane, Devonshire St, Division Lane, Division St, Dixon Lane, Dixon St, Doncaster St, Duke Lane, Dun Fields, Dun Lane, Dun St, Earl St, Earl Way, East Parade, Ebeneezer Place, Ebeneezer St, Edward St, Egerton Close, Egerton Lane, Egerton St, Eldon St, Ellis St, Esperanto Place, Evans St, Exchange Gateway, Exchange Place, Exchange St, Eyre Lane, Fargate, Favell Rd, Fig Tree Lane, Fitzalan Square, Fitzwilliam Gate, Fitzwilliam St, Flat St, Fornham St, Froggatt Lane, Furnace Hill, Furnival Gate, Furnival Rd, Furnival Square, Furnival St, Garden St, Gell St, George St, Glossop Rd, Green Lane, Gun Lane, Hallam Lane, Harmer Lane, Hartshead, Hartshead Square, Harvest Lane, Hawley St, Haymarket, Headford Gardens, Headford Grove, Headford Mews, Headford St, Hereford St, Hicks St, High St, Hodgson St, Holland St, Hollis Croft, Holly Lane, Holly St, Holy Green, Hounsfield Lane, Hounsfield Rd, Howard Lane, Howard St, Jessop St, Johnson Lane, Johnson St, Joiner St, Kelham Island, Kelham Square, Kenyon St, King St, Lady’s Bridge, Lambert St, Lancaster St, Leadmill Rd, Leadmill St, Leavy Greave, Leavy Greave Rd, Lee Croft, Leopold St, Love St, Mappin St, Market Place, Marsden Lane, Mary St, Matilda Lane, Matilda St, Matilda Way, Matthew St, Meadow St, Meetinghouse Lane, Millsands, Milton Lane, Milton St, Morpeth St, Mortimer St, Mulberry St, Neepsend Lane, New St, Newcastle St, Newton Lane, Norfolk Row, Norfolk St, North Bank, North Church St, North Quay Drive, Nursery Lane, Nursery St, Orange St, Orchard Lane, Orchard St, Paradise Lane, Paradise Square, Paradise St, Paternoster Row, Penistone Rd Service Rd, Penton St, Percy St, Pinfold St, Pinstone St, Pitsmoor Rd, Pitt Close, Pitt Lane, Pitt St, Platt St, Plum Lane, Plum St, Pond Hill, Pond St, Pool Square, Portland Lane, Portobello, Portobello Lane, Portobello St, Queen St, Queen’s Row, Radford St, Red Hill, Regent St, Regent Terrace, Rockingham Gate, Rockingham Lane, Rockingham St, Rowland St, Russell St, Scargill Croft, Scholey St, Scotland St, Sheldon Row, Shepherd St, Shude Hill, Siddall St, Sidney St, Silver St, Silver St Head, Sims St, Smithfield, Snig Hill, Snow Lane, Solly St, South Lane, South Parade, South Quay Drive, Spitalfields, Spring St, St George’s Close, St George’s Terrace, St James’s Row, St James’s St, St Paul’s Parade, St Peter’s Close, Stanley Lane, Stanley St, Steelhouse Lane, Suffolk Lane, Surrey Lane, Surrey Place, Surrey St, Swinton St, Sylvester Gardens, Sylvester St, Tenter St, The Moor, Thomas St, Townhead St, Trafalgar St, Trinity St, Trippett Lane, Tudor Square, Turner St, Union Lane, Union St, Upper Allen St, Vicar Lane, Victoria St, Waingate, Walker St, Ward St, Water St, Well Meadow Drive, Well Meadow St, Wellington St, West Bar, West Hill Lane, West St, West St Lane, Westfield Terrace, Wharf St, Wheeldon St, White Croft, Wicker, Wicker Lane, Wilkinson Lane, Wilkinson St, Willey St, Wilson St, Workhouse Lane, York St, Young St