The Sheffield IT Partnership is a group of independent specialist companies that provide complimentary business driven IT solutions for medium sized organisations.

Most organisations are already using Microsoft products (e.g. Outlook and Office), so it makes sense when considering an investment in other business critical systems, that they take a close look at the full suite of Microsoft products.

Why Microsoft?

With the addition of a completely new version of Dynamics CRM to the suite in 2011, Microsoft was finally able to offer a complete IT solution for companies in the £5-50m turnover range.

The 2013 version of Microsoft SharePoint also offered enhanced integration with Dynamics and Navision.

All solutions are built using the Microsoft suite, so are guaranteed by Microsoft to be compatible even when upgrading part of the system. There are over a billion users globally who use and trust Microsoft products.

Why choose a specialist?

Specialist spend the time and money to develop the skills to consult, educate and provide the right solutions that will continue to provide value as clients’ needs and expectations evolve. The collaboration of three leading specialist around one common framework, Microsoft, strengthens the overall offer and provides peace of mind for the client who is assured by a joined-up approach to delivering the best solution.

Most general IT companies will provide a level of service that is of an acceptable level overall, they may even excel in one area, but very unlikely to excel in more than one and definitely not in all areas. Specialist providers, in order to survive in the market place must excel in their specialist area and are therefore able to extract more value from the customers IT investment.

Bigger companies, by necessity, are more formulaic in their approach due to their size. Smaller companies are more flexible and customers have direct access to specialist knowledge, resulting in the delivery of solutions that are tailored to suit the specific requirements.

Why choose the SITP?

A collaboration of Microsoft experts who provide an integrated solution designed around your needs.

If you are looking for better solutions that extract greater value from your IT investment then choose the SITP and benefit from the combined, specialist knowledge of a small group of businesses which are used to working together and are easy to work with.

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