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Welcome to Sheffield Physiotherapy.

Here we aim to give you an insight into the professional services that we provide. Sheffield Physiotherapy has experienced clinician’s who have a hands-on approach and work from spacious well equipped treatment rooms. The clinic is situated on Ecclesall Road near the Berkeley Centre and has a free car park and wheelchair access. At Sheffield Physiotherapy we are proud to be part of a profession which is developing rapidly.

We offer treatments backed by evidence of effectiveness, this means you can be confident that you are receiving the care that is right for you. Our focus is on treating the underlying causes of the problem and not just on relieving the symptoms wherever this approach is possible.

We start the treatment on the first appointment and will give you a good idea of how many therapy sessions you are likely to need. Physiotherapy is a collaborative process part of which involves, carefully explaining your condition, offering advice and showing you the exercises that will best optimise your recovery.

To arrange a first appointment and begin your treatment call us on: 0114 268 6677

Spinal Conditions

Sheffield Physiotherapy is a leading clinic in South Yorkshire providing a unique treatment option for people suffering with spinal pain, and associated nerve symptoms such as sciatica. Recent advances in our understanding of how the spine functions have lead to the development of two advanced spinal treatments available at the clinic.

If you want to quickly and dramatically improve the way in which the spine moves you will need more than the hands of a willing therapist as the tissues and joints of the spine are designed to be strong and resilient. Power Assisted Micro-manipulation and IDD Non-surgical Spinal Decompression allow us to safely restore spinal movement, decompress trapped spinal nerves and discs in a way that is not possible by hand alone. The treatment programs work in combination with specific exercises and progressive rehabilitation and are designed to provide long-term improvement in both pain and the ability to participate in sport and work activities. The treatments are safe and suitable both for people who have recently injured their spine or who have suffered for many years and they involve no sudden or violent movements.

Physio for Sports Injuries

Our physios are experts in the assessment and treatment of sports related musculoskeletal problems. We aim to promote the body’s natural healing potential through appropriate physio treatment. We believe when you properly understand an injury you are better able to help yourself and
therefore education and advice on appropriate exercises is central to each treatment plan we carry out.

Sheffield Physiotherapy
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Tel: 0114 268 6677