Sheffield shines

I saw this video a while ago, and while it isn’t really business focussed I wanted to share it because of the way it shows our city and people in all their stunning (and staccato) glory.

More than other places, we native and adopted Sheffielders can get far too critical about where we live, work and play. We forget that we live in Europe’s greenest city, with world class universities, class beating hospitals, relatively low unemployment and a friendliness that even people from up the road in Leeds mention.

Our  businesses find niches to start and thrive; from the ephemeral and mysterious digital industries, to casting and forging hefty lumps of metal from exotic top secret mixtures.

Maybe it’s the Yorkshire in us, maybe it’s the invisible bubble that we all know sits over our seven hills, maybe it’s hundreds of years of hard labour that our families have had at real coal faces, on the steel shop floor, and in badly lit artisan workshops. Whatever it is, we don’t shout about the great things we do, and what we are, nearly as much as we should.

So when somebody gets negative about Sheffield, I show them this uplifting video. I hope that you enjoy watching it as much as we do.

Credit to hixee. You’ll find more stunning time lapse videos with great soundtracks on his Youtube channel.

In his own words:

This was shot over the course of the 2011/2012 academic year, with many hours sat in the good (and bad) weather. I’ve had to cut this project short as the weather hasn’t allowed me to film all the timelapses I wanted and the end of year stress with exams has meant I had to cut down the editing. Overall there were 8371 photos taken, with just over 11.6 hours filming. Shot from 22 locations in and around Sheffield. The locations are (in order):

-Crookes Cemetery (Crematorium)
-Ladybower Reservoir
-West Street
-Sheffield Train Station
-Ponds Forge
-Ladybower Reservoir
-Crookes Cemetery
-Parkwood Springs
-Derwent Dam
-Crookes Park (North)
-St George’s Church
-Sheffield City Hall
-Redmires Reservoir
-Crookes Cemetery (North)
-Stanage Edge (North)
-Stanage Edge (South)
-Rivelin River Weir (1)
-Rivelin River Weir (2)
-Stanage Edge (North)
-Crookes Clouds
-Brook Hill Roundabout (University Square)
-Western Park

Camera — Nikon D60
Software — DIYPhotoBits Camera Contoller 5.1, After Effects CS5

Song — Cherry, Ratatat