SPA Professional Academy

SPA Professional Academy are a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Accredited Study Centre and have been delivering professional marketing qualifications in West Yorkshire for over 10 years, supporting marketers and organisation to develop their marketing capabilities.

Our courses are delivered by Chartered Marketers – marketing professionals with experience of both the teaching and practice of marketing, meaning that all tuition is very practical to provide more than just a qualification.

We deliver courses in Sheffield and Leeds, having taken over the study centre previously run by Robert Chiswick in Sheffield. Our Sheffield courses are delivered on weekday evenings at The Quadrant with easy access to the city centre and major roads. Come along and chat with us about the courses we offer and also for a consultation to help develop your organisation through better marketing.

The qualifications we offer are:

Level 3 Foundation Certificate in Marketing For all those who want to find out more about marketing – whether currently in a job that involves marketing or not. It answers the question: What is marketing? The qualification also aims to develop knowledge and skills for people who are working to support others in basic marketing tasks.

Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing For those working in supporting marketing roles, this qualification provides the practical skills and knowledge to devise and execute tactical marketing activities and gain marketing credibility

Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing This qualification really helps with the ‘how to’ aspects of marketing planning, enabling people to develop as a ‘marketing professional’. The focus moves from the tactical marketing concepts to the knowledge, skills and understanding to be able to perform at an management level and to carry out an essential and successful professional marketing role in the workplace Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing A challenging, high-level marketing qualification that demonstrates specialist professional knowledge across many areas. Awards in Digital Marketing This dynamic qualification provides knowledge underpinning the principles of digital marketing and skills to undertake digital marketing planning and implementation using the latest digital technologies.