I often tell people that SheffEX isn’t about me or my colleagues who are involved in putting it together – it’s about the people that take part. In other words, SheffEX is a just platform for you to do more and better business. It’s independant, and so long as it’s doing it’s job it will carry on providing that support for the entire business community in all it’s many forms.

To prove the point we’ve been hard at work with on a new series of video presentations featuring business people from the Sheffield City Region. These talking heads videos aren’t about SheffEX, they are about what makes our area a great place to do business in.

The first one features David Watkins. It should be no surprise that David is with Fortay Media who’ve worked with us to produce these great little vignettes at their studios in the city, so it’s only right that we should give them the first opportunity in the spotlight.

These short pieces are honestly given by people just like you and me. There’s no sales message, no marketing fluff, no underlying message, just a few insights into what makes us tick.

We’d like to offer this series up for anyone to use to promote regional business so please just go ahead and do it. It would be nice to get a heads up or even an acknowledgement, but ultimately I’d like you to just take them and use them for your own benefit.

All the best,

Tony Carroll, SheffEX Founder.