Watermade is a 100% non-profit social enterprise and trading subsidiary of charity project The LongWell Walk, operating a number of difference social projects.

WaterMade was founded by Sheffield water charity The Long Well Walk, which has been raising money for water projects across East Africa through a record-breaking walk from Sheffield to Cape Town. The walk will help raise awareness of the 800 million people across the globe who do not have access to clean water. WaterMade runs a number of enterprising projects to help raise funds for the walk, and strengthen the link between communities in the UK and communities across Africa, based on our basic tenet: Enterprise, Empower, Develop.

We aim to work closely with the local community and independent business owners to deliver a vibrant and sustainable social enterprise, while changing the lives of our international beneficiaries.

We’re working hard to create a strong, successful market for our products, so we can provide a reliable source of income that can further empower their producers to continue using their enterprising spirit.

A percentage of all the profits across our different projects helps support sustainable water projects in Africa, providing a fundamental human right to some of the most underdeveloped parts of the world.