The SheffEX Team want to share our thanks with the special people who came together to make SheffEX 17 a success.
First up is the Royal Victoria Hotel and their wonderful team. This grand old lady has seen more than a century’s worth of events but it’s still an unbeatable location and the team saw to it that the venue was managed seamlessly, with everything in the right place at the right time, as if by magic.
Our exhibitors were fantastic. SheffEX wouldn’t happen without you and we really value your support. Whether you’re a regular or you joined us for the first time, we hope that you had a good day and that you’ll join us again.
Next is Fortay Media with their amazing techs and back office team who managed to broadcast SheffEX to the world through the Facebook Live video stream. This is what the future looks like and Fortay helped us to be right at the cutting edge.
We couldn’t have done without 247EmailData as anyone who is on our email database will know. Their email handling systems worked first time, every time, delivering around a quarter of a million precisely targeted emails.
iDAQ Networks once again turned the venue into a super fast WiFi hub with free giga speed internet access for attendees. It’s a mystery how they manage to create enormous bespoke capacity for hundreds of users for a day, but they do it every time.
Footprint Photography were buzzing around the expo and conference all day, capturing people unaware. Nick from Footprint is at every event we hold and his photos are a fantastic record of the day.
And finally, a special thank you to all those amazing speakers who gave such inspiring talks throughout the day. The audience feedback was superb for you all.
Finally, thanks to all the delegates, it’s your day. We hope that you enjoyed it and found something useful and interesting to take away for your business. Your support is invaluable and we hope that we’ll see you again very soon.
Thank you all from the SheffEX Team.