So many small businesses reach a point where they just can’t keep up with all of the many responsibilities that it takes to keep orders moving smoothly.

When marketing, customer service or packing and shipping start to get difficult to keep on top of, it’s easy to get so busy that you let the entire business fall apart around you without even noticing. Fortunately, if you’ve come up for air long enough to contemplate outsourcing to Konnexus 3rd party logistics (3PL), it’s probably not too late.

There are many ways Konnexus can help a small business maintain its trajectory and even increase its sales well beyond expectations. No matter what your size, outsourcing to a Konnexus frees you up to do the things that make your business run, whether that’s designing clever marketing materials for your innovative product or just having an outstanding product selection sourced from near and far.

Customised Fulfilment Services

Small businesses suffer from a lack of manpower and space, but Konnexus has plenty of both.

Instead of hiring another employee to help part-time,  renting more warehousing space, hiring lock ups, you can outsource all your warehousing and packaging efforts to Konnexus. After all, shipping and warehousing are a big part of what we do best. We can help you integrate your shopping cart and inventory software into Konnexus to create a complete eCommerce order management system for your website that automates your basic ordering and distribution operations and maintains your site stock balances.

Affordable Options for 3PL

Many small businesses want to hire a 3PL, but don’t believe they can afford it. The truth is at Konnexus these services can be very affordable, especially if you consider the money you’re saving on employee and storage costs. Since you only pay for what you use, Konnexus can also be utilised on a periodic basis to help you get through your busy sales seasons. Not only through a faster order to distribution service, but by reduced packing errors and increasing stock accuracy with our Konnex online computerised warehouse management system.

Permanent or part-time, a Konnex is the perfect complement to any business that relies heavily on order processing and fulfilment. By keeping your costs down and increasing your efficiency, you’ll quickly see just how much you’ve been missing without the support of Konnexus, your integrated multi channel fulfilment partner.