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SheffEX December 2014 

Sales talent via apprenticeships

We have a proven track record in providing companies with highly motivated and well trained young sales talent, which is actively making a difference to sales.

A good salesperson is an essential commodity for any organisation. By providing education in sales with academically recognised qualifications we are increasing the numbers of qualified potential workers and providing you with the best undiscovered young sales talent.

Our intensive recruitment, selection and training process creates loyal, talented and driven sales apprentices. This boosts staff retention resulting in reduced recruitment and staff training costs to you.

We have been working closely with Johnston Press’ Sheffield office and have provided them with quarterly sales apprentices who have recently completed their training.

One of our apprentices won the Apprentice Learner of the Year award. Johnston Press are so impressed with the calibre of our apprentices that we are currently training the next group at Sheffield United football ground.   3 new cohorts of apprentices are being scheduled for next year.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here is what Johnston Press have to say:

“I am always looking for ways of recruiting and developing sales stars of the future and The Working Knowledge Academy of Sales provided a unique and innovative programme that did just that. The confidence, tenacity and self-motivation of the sales apprentices is inspiring, they are young people, some of whom have not had the best start in their lives or employment opportunities. All have grabbed this opportunity and have achieved challenging targets. The Academy offer continued support and coaching as well as an NVQ Level 3 in Sales.”

– Carol Derbyshire, Head of Learning & Development, Johnston Press

“Working with the Academy has brought massive benefits to our business in the way that we manage our staff, in the way that we recruit new talent and in the way that we manage campaigns and new business. It’s been a really successful twelve months. The apprentices have the ability to go head to head with any of our other salespeople and they could go to any other publishers and carve out hugely successful careers for themselves.”

– Martin Hitchcock, Account Director at Johnston Press

 “I’ve never seen a group of people that are so enthusiastic, so motivated and so hungry for something. They all brought something to the table and also all brought the knowledge and resilience that they had in training to the workplace which is a massive credit to the Academy.  It’s fantastic for us that after this successful year we are going to have some fresh new talent coming through our doors in December.”

– Lucy Edwards, Media Sales Manager and manager of the apprentices at Johnston Press

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Sarah Walker