Why Worldpay?

We are experts in payments – and we share what we know to help your business prosper.
We’re one of the world’s leading payment companies. Our products and services power commerce across the globe.
We work with all types and all sizes of business. So whether you’re just starting out, or you work for a global business, we’ll:
  • Make it easier for you to take payments
  • Keep you online and open for business
  • Get to know you, so we can help you sell more and save even more money
Great service, easy setup, and easy to use. Here’s what you get:
Robust systems
We can process millions of transactions every day – and hundreds of simultaneous transactions a second.
When your business grows, we’ll make it easy to scale up.
We’ll help you minimise the risk of fraud.
We operate across the globe, supporting 120 different currencies and more than 200 payment types.
Additional services
We can also help you manage cash flow, currency and fraud risk, tailoring services to your exact needs.
Easy start-up
When you work with us, you will see how easy it is to start taking payments.

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