Happy Yorkshire Day!

We all know that we live in the best place on earth – Yorkshire. We’ve been telling everyone for years and there’s no need to stop now. Here are a few Yorkshire facts to drop into every conversation.

  1. Sheffield in South Yorkshire is recognized by FIFA and UEFA as the birthplace of football. Sheffield FC is the oldest football club in the world, and Sandygate is the world’s oldest ground and home to the second oldest club, Hallam FC.
  2. Meadowhall in Sheffield is Europe’s largest shopping and leisure complex with over 400,000 people through its doors every week.
  3. Yorkshire has 6 Michelin Star restaurants. That’s more than anywhere outside London.
  4. Yorkshire’s home to over 80 real ale breweries that produce almost a third of the UK’s beer.
  5. Yorkshire has the largest concentration of food and drink businesses in the UK with a turnover of £1.7 billion.
  6. The Humber Bridge is the longest single-span suspension bridge in the UK.
  7. Tourism in Yorkshire is worth over £7 billion – more than the whole of Ireland or Denmark.
  8. Sheffield’s Ponds Forge has Europe’s deepest diving pool and even has with an underwater viewing area.
  9. York Minster is the largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe, took 252 years to build and contains 128 stained glass windows.